March 1-30, 2018

Gaithersburg Clinic

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849-M Quince Orchard Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Thursday 9-3PM
Friday 9-3PM

Event Overview

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your pet’s teeth cleaned without the use of costly and potentially dangerous anesthesia. We have appointments available at our Gaithersburg clinic every Thursday and Friday of March from 9AM to 3PM.

Our technicians are specially trained in dental hygiene and behavioral techniques that quickly calm your pet, keep them comfortable and ease them into a cooperative state— All without the use of anesthesia!


Our technicians will evaluate your pet and determine the degree of plaque.
Pricing begins at $249 and goes up to $289 depending on plaque severity.

Mild Plaque

Gums may be inflamed and sensitive and odor may be noticeable.

$90.00 exam fee included
Medium Plaque

Gums are inflamed and swollen with moderate plaque.

$90.00 exam fee included
Heavy Plaque

Gums are swollen and bleed easily. Plaque is evident.

$90.00 exam fee included

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Get Ready, Book & Go!

Follow these tips for the best possible experience.


Bring a Doggie Bag

When you arrive, we ask that you give your pet a few moments to do their thing. Often times car rides or new indoor environments stimulate their need to poop. Accidents happen but a short walk in the grass goes a long way.


Bring a Large Towel

Many dogs find it relaxing to be wrapped in a towel. It helps to relax them and keep them comfortable while they lie on the technician’s lap.


Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Leave yourself a few extra minutes for that walk and a bit of time to check-in. We do our best to stay on schedule and appreciate your help.