6 Tips to Keep your Cat Hydrated in All Seasons

Ever notice that your cat loves drinking water from your glass, but acts like they could care less about their full water bowl? Many cats don’t drink enough water in an average day. This is because, in the wild, cats get most of their water from their prey, and they’re not used to having to drink water from a bowl. Unfortunately, domestic cats run the risk of bladder infections and other health complications when they don’t get their fluids. Fortunately, keeping your cat hydrated is easier than you might think.

Using a water fountain can reduce whisker fatigue.

Adapt your water bowls

Cats don’t like having their whiskers confined by small bowls. Give them wide stainless steel so their whiskers have plenty of space. Using a water fountain bowl can reduce whisker fatigue by allowing your cat to drink directly from the running stream of water.

Add an ice cube

Ice will help the water taste more fresh. Plus, your cats will enjoy licking the ice cube itself. An icy bowl of water is just like a mountain stream – your cat can think of their wild cousins as they lap up the cool refreshing liquid.

Refresh the water regularly

Nothing will turn your cat away like stale water. Wash the bowl and replace the water at least once a day.

Have multiple water bowls

Sprinkle water bowls throughout the house. Your cat may not go into the kitchen every time they want a sip, but if there’s water in every room, they’re guaranteed to drink more.

Give them wet food

Canned cat food is 70-80% water. It’s also delicious, at least if you’re a cat. Giving cats canned food regularly is a surefire way to keep them hydrated and happy.


Last but not least, you can make the water a little more appetizing by adding a little sprinkle of catnip. Cats love the smell of it, and they love lapping it up, too. Have you ever seen your kitten licking the scratching post? Once you start putting catnip in their water, they’ll start lapping that up too. You’ll have a healthy, hydrated cat in no time! And of course, the regularly catnip intake will make them frisky and happy, too.