Terms and Conditions

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I understand that, as with any dental or medical procedure there are inherent risks and that it is my responsibility to keep my pet up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. Furthermore, I understand that it is Pearly White Pets (Company) policy not to provide services to any animal that is not current on all vaccinations and have represented to Company that my pet is current on his/her vaccinations including, but not limited to rabbis & distemper. The company is acting strictly on the information I provide. The Company may, at its sole and absolute discretion choose not to accept my pet or provide any of the services offered by Company.

I understand that the Company’s technicians and contractors are not licensed veterinarians and that it is my responsibility to have my pet(s) examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to any type of dental procedure and have taken any and all preventative steps, including medications that may be recommended by a veterinarian, to minimize bacterial infection that may result from a dental cleaning. I understand that failing to follow veterinarian’s recommendations may lead to other, potentially life threatening conditions.

I agree that the Company is acting in good faith on information I provide. Information provided by Company’s employees and contractors should not be interpreted as professional veterinarian advice. Further, I agree that the company has taken the appropriate measure(s) to provide a safe working environment and understand that interactions with other animals are outside the Company’s control and responsibility. As such, I agree to hold the Company, its employees, contractors, owners & officers harmless and release any and all parties from liabilities or damages that may be a direct or indirect result of the dental cleaning process as well as interactions with other customers or customer’s pets.