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    Who We Are

    We are the DMV’s leading provider of anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for cats and dogs. Our technicians are specially trained in dental hygiene and behavioral techniques that quickly calm your pet, keep them comfortable and ease them into a cooperative state— All without the use of anesthesia!

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    Our Core Values

    We are guided by these shared principles that shape all that we do.


    An extra moment can make a real difference. Be genuinely concerned for others’ needs and support one another. Suspend judgement so that you can see things from someone else’s perspective.


    Use your words carefully. Listen closely to others without taking things personally. Everyone has a role to play. Remember that in order to get what you want, others have to get what they need.


    Be proud but not egotistical. We’re in this together and count on each other to succeed as a team. Do the right thing and behave with empathy and integrity.

    The Pearly White Approach

    Pearly White Pets provides a safe and affordable alternative to traditional anesthetized dental cleaning. Our anesthesia-free approach provides all of the health benefits of anesthetized plaque and tartar removal with none of the risks.

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