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Are You Feeding Your Pet Wrong?

By Monty C. Charne
October 11, 2017

We all want to think we are doing everything possible to take care of our pups, but frequently our habits for our dog’s mealtimes are doing more harm than good. Obesity is a worsening epidemic among American dogs and even just a little weight gain can cause lasting damage to a dog’s bones, joints, and organs. So how do we keep our dogs healthy?

Free Feeding

Stop free feeding!

Free feeding is the practice of keeping food in your dog’s bowl at all time, for them to eat any time they want throughout the day. Although free feeding can be the most convenient way to feed our dogs, it is far from harmless. Dogs are natural scavengers and so they are hardwired to eat all the food they can find. When their bowl is always full, they will eat even when their body doesn’t need the calories. This can quickly lead to overeating. In addition, free feeding can make it harder to notice if your dog has lost his appetite, which can be the easiest way to catch your dog’s illness or injury. If you need to keep food out at all times, consider a feeding puzzle; it will slow your dog down and stop him from eating too much at one time.

Lose the treats

Doggy treats may make our pups happy, but too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Not only are treats extra calories that our dogs don’t need, but many are filled with additives that can harm a dog’s metabolism. Instead of treats, find other ways to reward your pet, from petting to walks or time at the dog park. If you must give your dog a treat, make sure you choose natural brands that promote dental wellness and don’t contain damaging additives and chemicals.

Icecream Dog

No more table scraps!

How can we resist those puppy dog eyes? It may feel harmless to give into your dog’s begging and give him food off your plate, but those scraps can do real harm. Not only are many human foods toxic to our canine friends, including grapes, chocolate, raisons, and garlic, but the calories in those table scraps add up. The next time your pup turns on the eyes, use your willpower and don’t give in! With enough discipline, your dog will learn to stop begging and you can be sure that he stays healthy.