Dog Beach Dangers That No One Talks About

Jellyfish stings should be treated by a veterinarianBeaches are fun places to bring your dogs to play, but make sure you know how to avoid and treat these common dangers to ensure that your dog returns safe and sound from your water adventure.


Depending on where you live, jellyfish can be a real hazard for your canine friend. Particularly in the Atlantic, Jellyfish can often be found in the shallow water that is your pet’s favorite place to frolic on the beach. To prevent a dangerous sting, you can spread petroleum jelly on your dog’s paws and belly before letting them into the water. If they do get stung, make sure to take swift action. Soak the affected area in vinegar, or in a pinch, sea water to prevent the toxin from spreading. Then make a paste from water and baking soda and apply it to the stung region, making sure not to touch the area with your bare hands as you might then feel the effects as well. At this point, call your vet and get your pup some swift medical attention.

Water Intoxication

This one can affect dogs near any water, not just the beach! We tend to be focused in the hotter months on keeping our dogs hydrated, but too much of a good thing can be just as deadly as not enough. Water intoxication happens when dogs take in more water than their body can handle. The results can be fatal. Most dogs won’t drink too much water just straight from their water dish, but if they are swimming in shallow waters they may drink large quantities without realizing it. In addition, if you are playing with your dog by throwing their toy into the ocean for them to retrieve, remember that they take in water each time they bring it back. Take frequent breaks!

Dog standing in the surf

Not All Dogs Can Swim

We tend to assume that our dogs are born knowing how to swim, but depending on the breed of your friend, they might not be natural born swimmers. Put a life vest on your dog if you’re planning to take them beyond the splashing shallows, and make sure to accompany your dog into the water and never leave them unattended. Most importantly, never force your dog into the water! If you have a swimming dog they will run in headfirst themselves. Otherwise, enjoy the sand together but let them avoid the waves!