Featured Pet of the Month: Meet Ruby!

Ruby sitting in the waiting room, looking cute

Ruby is an adorable 7 year old beagle who arrived for her teeth cleaning with Mom and sister in tow. Beagles were originally bred to be pack dogs for hunting wild hare and have existed for 2,500 years. The modern breed we know and love today was developed in England around the 1830s from several other hound breeds. These modern scent hounds’ great sense of smell, superior tracking instinct, and intelligence have made them a popular breed around the world to employ as detection dogs. You may have seen one or two working while waiting in line at the airport! While they are hard workers, their cute features and lovable personalities have helped them wiggle their way into the hearts of many a dog owner.

Ruby is a typical beagle— eager to make friends and show off her smarts! She also shares an unfortunate beagle trait: Beagles are more prone to tartar build up and periodontal disease, requiring more frequent exams and cleanings. Luckily Ruby is a model patient, wagging tail and all.


Normally our technicians are the magicians, but here’s Ruby putting on a show. We love that our animal patients are energetic and alert from the time they enter our office to when they leave. If anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is right for your pet, you’ll love being able to get their teeth cleaned without them having to recover from anesthesia.

Ruby performing!
Ruby's teeth before and after cleaning