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    The Fountain of (Kitty) Youth

    Mother cat sniffing kittenWe all want our furry friends to live forever, but how can we help extend our kitty’s lives and keep them happy and healthy into a ripe old age? With a few tips you can help your purring playmate stay by your side for years to come.

    Regular vet visits

    Start your cat on a healthy visit schedule as a kitten and you’ll ensure health problems are caught early on and vaccines are given on schedule. Annual vet visits save lives!

    Don’t Neglect Their Teeth

    It’s not just illness that can shorten a cat’s life— dental disease can hurt your cat too! Regular teeth cleaning will mean your cat is able to eat properly and that no plaque migrates from her teeth into her bloodstream, where it can cause diseases that fester.

    Healthy food

    This one is a given, but proper food will help your cat live longer. Make sure you feed your cat food without soy protein or other additives that can be hard for your cat’s body to digest. Also make sure that the food is made with whole ingredients, not “meat meal” or “meat byproducts” as the amino acids in meat are crucial to your kitty.

    Clean water

    A hydrated cat is a healthy cat. Always make sure your cat has fresh, cool water on hand. Cats can be finicky about their water and you need them to drink to stay healthy and energetic.

    Groom regularly

    Cats are very particular about their coats. Make sure you help your cat by brushing them regularly and bathing them if they ever make too much of a mess. This will cut down on the amount of hair your cat swallows while grooming himself. Lots of hair can be rough on your kitty’s stomach.

    Keep your cat indoors

    Cat sleeping in the sun in an enclosed backyard
    Some cats want to be on the prowl, but if you want your kitty in your life for longer, you’ll keep her indoors. There are dangers to your cat outside of your house, from cars to poisonous plants, and the ASPCA recommends you keep your cat either inside or in your own contained backyard.


    Did you know that your cat will live longer if she doesn’t get bored? Keep your cat stimulated and entertained and she will stay young at heart and healthy longer. Boredom can be very stressful for your cat and can lead to aggression or depression. Avoid it by providing varied toys, changing up cat perches, and playing with your cat at least once a day.

    Your cat might not live forever, but if you follow these guidelines, you can have your cat in your life for years and years to come.