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Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia

“Can My Pet Do This?”

You may be thinking like nearly every one of our new clients, “My pet’s not going to sit still or cooperate.” — that’s just a part of what makes us experts at what we do. Our technicians are specially trained in behavioral techniques that quickly calm your pet, keep them comfortable and ease them into a cooperative state.

How It Works

First, your pet is gently and comfortably positioned on the floor in our technician’s lap. We utilize a continual body-to-body contact technique to maintain relaxation and reassure your pet that they are protected and safe. The technician spends a few minutes bonding with your pet before performing a full oral exam.Dog learning more

With your pet relaxed and comfortable, the technician removes all plaque and tartar buildup using specialized tools and pet handling techniques. After your pet’s teeth are polished, you receive a dental report card and a detailed summary of your pet’s visit.

“How Do I Know It’s Time?”

If it’s been more than a year since your pet’s last dental cleaning, it’s probably time. But, many pet owners admit they’ve never had their pet’s teeth cleaned. If you are one of them, you are not alone.

Chronic bad breath can be a strong indicator that it’s time for a dental cleaning. Dental neglect can lead to painful infections, loose teeth, abscesses, and other diseases that may even shorten the life your pet.

Its been a year

It’s Been Over a Year Since Their Last Cleaning

Bad breath

Bad Breath
Brown Teeth

Brown Teeth

Plaque Build Up
Red or swollen gums

What’s Included With the Appointment

Our dental technicians follow a 10-step process to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning.

  • Full Oral Examination
  • Calculus & Plaque Removal
  • Supra-gingival Scaling
  • Sub-gingival Scaling
  • Periodontal Probing
  • Charting
  • Polishing
  • Oral Rinse
  • Post Cleaning Exam
  • Dental Report Card

How Much You Save

Our anesthesia-free approach can save you up to $500 when compared to traditional anesthetic teeth cleaning. Safe and effective, going without anesthesia eliminates the use of dangerous drugs, life support monitoring equipment or observation periods after the cleaning. Your pet leaves just as happy as when you came in but with a brighter and healthier smile.

Go Anesthesia Free

No Nausea
No Grogginess
No IV Catheters
No Recovery Time
No Breathing Tubes
No Pre-Screening Labs

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Each appointment begins with a friendly introduction to one of our qualified and highly trained technicians who will perform a visual exam of the mouth and head and chart their findings. If the technician discovers any complications such as advanced periodontal disease, deep fractures, mobile teeth, epulis or lesions, the pet will be referred to your veterinarian for treatment.