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The Pearly White Pets Team was friendly & knowledgeable. They are true professionals. It was a great service to have my dog’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia. Pricing is very competitive. Thanks Pearly White Pets Team.


I am glad I found Pearly White Pets. Denton’s teeth are so white and clean! Everyone was very nice and professional. I will definitely tell all my friends about Pearly White Pets! Thanks!


We had a great experience with Pearly White Pets! Excellent staff, friendly environment and beautiful results. We highly recommend their services. We look forward to our next visit.

—Eric & Katie M.

My experience at Pearly White Pets was extraordinary. My husky was completely relaxed and enjoyed being held by the harem of technicians for the entire half hour. Everyone associated with the company was kind and professional. This is a great option to the standard cleaning with anesthesia. I highly recommend it.

—Mitch O.

Thank you so much for providing this service! Lucy looks beautiful and I am just so happy with the cleaning results – no anesthesia and her teeth are so incredibly clean!

Your staff could not have been more friendly or helpful. I will definitely be recommending you guys!

—Stacy D.

I honestly was a little skeptical going in that they would be able to keep my senior basset hound calm enough to really clean her teeth effectively as she does not like to be handled at all and will put up a fierce struggle. I was half expecting that after a few minutes they would tell me they couldn’t treat her and send us on our way. Amazingly though, they were able to keep her pretty calm most of the time, worked on her for over 45 minutes, and her teeth looked great afterwards!

Probably most importantly though, they also did a full checkup of her teeth and diagnosed some issues that they recommended I follow up with my vet on – this tells me that they definitely did more than just a quick “cosmetic” job with their cleaning.

Plus, staff is super friendly! I would definitely recommend this service and would use them again in the future!

Jeff L.

I met the Pearly White Pets folks outside of a pet store where they were offering the anesthesia-free teeth cleaning services. After learning of the procedure I decided to give it a try. I was still skeptical of the process but took the appointment for my 25 pound terrier. When I arrived they greeted us and described further the process. My dog was escorted w the dental technician, he received the airborne natural elixir and was wrapped in a blanket. The hygienist held him while she carefully cleaned his teeth, which took about 20-30 minutes. My dog was calm and collected the entire session, which I would not have expected as he gets hyper in new company. I watched the entire time. When complete, the hygienist recorded his dental status on a report form and returned him to me.

My dog was happy as a clam afterward and showed only joy and play. He did not suffer any ill effects and I was so pleased to see the results in both his attitude and his beautiful clean teeth.

I am now a believer and highly recommend this service to others.

—Andrea A.

On October 22 my wife and I had Pearly White Pets clean the teeth of our Yorkshire Terrier, Bandit. When we brought him in we thought that this wasn’t going to work since Bandit is an anxious dog and wouldn’t hold still for the procedure. It blew us away. It was unbelievable and remarkable. He was calm and allowed Oyuki and Tara to clean his teeth. Absolutely amazing. Both, by the way, were very professional. We left with our minds blown and with a dog with clean teeth without having to use anesthesia. Thanks so much.

—Fred H.