Throwing a DIY Puppy Party

This dog is ready to party.Whether you know the day your dog was born or you want to commemorate the date of adoption, throwing your dog a party is a great way to celebrate your canine companion. After all, they celebrate you every day! So what do you need to know to throw the bash of this doggy season? We have howling good ideas right here!

The Location

When hosting a party for puppies, location is everything! Remember that most dogs like some room to run, so finding an outdoor location can make your life easier. Do you have a backyard you can use? If not, a dog park can be a great bet and a safe place to let all invited guests fro`lic off of their leashes. If you can’t find a good outdoors space, check in with nearby doggy daycares or training centers to see if they rent out space.

The Chow!

It’s not a party unless you have treats! If it’s a summer day, freeze some apple slices for your dog to enjoy (though make sure you remove the seeds and core!). Or consider making some puppy-approved cupcakes by whipping together these cupcakes from The Scrumptious Pumpkin. If you want a treat that everyone at the party can enjoy, make some peanut butter banana frozen yogurt for puppies and owners to enjoy!

The Entertainment

If you plan to invite other dogs to celebrate your puppy’s special day, then finding the right activities is going to be the key to everyone having a barking good time.

Snoopy says

This game is a great excuse to get some training in while entertaining puppies and owners alike! Follow the same rules of Simon Says, but make sure the tasks are for your pups. As the game progresses, make the tasks harder and harder until it’s time to reward each dog with some extra special treats for their hard work.

A dog runs through an agility course

Doggy Limbo

Another great game to practice training, this game works just like its human counterpart. Use a standard hurdle or agility stick and put on some dance music. Have each owner lead their pal under the hurdle, with the height lowering each turn. The last dog to successfully squeeze under the hurdle wins!

Puppy Painting

Have you ever wanted to own a painting by man’s best friend? Mix food coloring with cornstarch, water, and flour to make a paint that your furry friend can use. Roll out a piece of butcher paper and allow the dogs to walk through the paint and onto the paper. Make sure to have a hose or water nearby to wash everyone down after this activity!

No matter what you choose, make sure every dog gets loads of pets and cuddles and you’re bound to have a great time!